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Date: 09 Nov 2018 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Honda South Africa
Source: Honda South Africa
With the last few days of intense adventure riding. Day 4 did not get any easier.

The routine is becoming the norm; many of the contestants are from city backgrounds where the challenge of Quest has taken some getting used to. Added to this, the last few days have left more of a mark on some than others. Very few, if any, can still claim a clean score sheet regarding trips to Mother Earth. Fortunately, the Africa Twin is made of sterner stuff as only two hand guards are a little worse for wear.

A terrific unseasonal storm blew into the overnight camp, just outside Springbok, leaving many with precious little sleep. This was a worry for Hardy from Specialised Adventures and his team as safety is a primary concern.

The route started east down Spektakel Pass whilst thunder clouds and lightning threatened. Hardy had threaded together a tricky but scenic route through many private properties that the local farmers had graciously opened their gates for. Fortunately, the stormy cloudy weather was a blessing as just the week before, the recce team had experienced 45 degrees in the same stretch.

It was apparent that the contestants were well and truly bonded with their steeds as there was little trouble now to be had from tricky off camber rock climbs or deep sand tracks.

Just past Tweerivier the group entered the little known Kheis trail; a stunning path that winds its way through the mountains between Kamieskroon and Garies. The whole route prompted one very experienced Adventure Riding contestant to quip once into the camp, “That’s the best day of Adventure Riding I have ever done!”

With another long satisfying day in the saddle and two evenings of sleep deprivation from stormy weather, the teams were given the night off from the planned presentations and tests.

Tomorrow marks only the midway point of the contest. There’s still a long way to go and much to see!